Sunday, January 5, 2014

Busy as a Bee

I've been painting a lot lately - busy as my friend the BEE. I hope you don't mind my occasional ranting about bees these days. They are so important to our ecosystem and they are dying in droves. Diseases, yes, fungi, yes, but mostly from the toxic pesticides being sprayed on nearby farmers' fields. Yet another reason to go organic. Anyway, sorry for being a pest on facebook with petitions and such, but we have to save these little guys!!

Now, onto the business at hand: Above piece is an 18" x 24" oil self portrait I did recently. It's now on my website - - and on facebook, as my icon. I made it in a class at Sinclair and my great instructor, Mark Echtner, posted it (and many others) on facebook. Thanks, Mark!

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